Sunday, March 1, 2009

Recipe Misers

Come to my house and I will treat you to coconut cream pie, the best meatloaf this side of forever and baked beans that will make you jump up and smack your momma. Those are just a few of the foods that I consider my "signature dishes". I have more as most ladies and all mommas do but these are the ones at the top of my head right now.
For example on Derby day at the Mattingly's you will get a big ol slice of my version of the ever famous Derby Pie but mine is called First Saturday in May Pie (like you can't figure that one out). Also on Derby you can join me in my authentic mint julep. YUMMY!
Mother's Day is the day for deviled eggs with my own little "twist" on them.
Christmas will get you a big ole double stacked angel kiss cookie. Once you eat one of these delicious, calorie packed little goodies you will love me so much you will want to marry me!
Thanksgiving finds me making my yummy extra juicy turkey and my families favorite broccoli casserole.
Okay now that I am officially starving let me get to the point....when you taste any of these goodies and simply HAVE to have that recipe. Well all you gotta do is ASK! After all my recipes are nothing short of someone else's recipe that I have tinkered with here and there to make it my own. I am happy to share my recipe with you and I find it a sweet compliment that you would even ask. Why would I want to hourde all of that goodness just for my kitchen. Why should my hands be the only ones to prepare it? Wouldn't more people get their bellies blessed if I were to share it with my friend, neighbor, or even aquaintance?
Oh but there are those out there who don't feel this way. I like to call them recipe misers. I visited my friend Ruth Ann's blog and that is what possessed me to post on this today. It has been on my mind lately anyway what with the church cookbook in the works and recipes fresh on my mind.
Recently my pastor's wife asked an aunt of mine for her apple pie recipe. Well she was told no, that she didn't share her recipes. Ha! I find that so crazy! I don't care if it is great, great, great grandmother's recipe that she scribed while riding the boat over the the new world from Italy....if it is in my personal recipe is yours. I mean for Pete's sake....who cares! What you think that by giving it out you are divulging some deep dark secret from your family tree? Or perhaps by giving it out you have disgraced the ancestor that handed it done? PUHLEEZE!!!! Come on now what it really means is by giving out that precious recipe of yours....that you wouldn't be the only one that would be able to make it! OH NO....I SAID IT didn't I ....hit the nail on the head! Your glory would be gone!!!
Oh dear little recipe miser..... don't you realize that your glory is nothing? You are only allowed to make that recipe and it turn out so wonderfully and taste so absolutely yummy but by the grace of God. It is HIS glory....not yours.
But it is my great grandmother's recipe! But I slaved over a hot stove in the kitchen getting this recipe right! But it has been passed down from me through many generations! But it has never been put out to anyone outside of my family!
But But But.....oh come on shellfish! What glory do you really get by being so darn selfish? It is just a recipe. A chemical alteration of ingredients. A scientific formula. And not yours really anyway.
So that is my soap box today. If you have those recipes that only your eyes can see...why?
Wouldn't it glorify more people if you allowed more ladies to share it with their family and friends in their kitchen. I mean for heaven's sake if you simply must you can stick your name in front of the title and name it Aunt "name removed to protect the innocent" 's Apple Pie
:-) Have a good day friends!

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