Monday, March 9, 2009

My girls

My daughters mean the world to me. I have some of the loveliest little girls you will ever lay your eyes on. They are swet as sugar too!

I am not just bragging but my little girls are very, very well behaved. They mind exceptionally well and they are polite. Now they have their moments like all children but for the most part they are little angels.

They love to help out around the house and I make it a point to have them help in the kitchen. They love to cook. Cleaning up is a challenge but I have found that they reflect my attitude. If I make it fun and smile then they will smile while they are doing it and have a grand time!

My babies are just darling. They really aren't babies anymore at 5 and 10 going on 6 and 11 but they will ALWAYS be my babies. I love to see them learn and see something for the first time. If you give your children a chance they will surprise you at how willing they are to learn new things.

Both of my girls are very good students. The oldest is an award winning student and I am certain that the youngest will follow in her shoes. They have a thrill for learning that amazes me. When I was little I don't have the wonderful memories of my parents sitting down with me everynight and helping me, watching me, checking my work and just being excited about the new things I am learning. When my children get a new pace (workbook) at school they are so excited to share it with me! The first thing I hear when I walk in the door is "Mom I have a new pace come and look at it with me!".

Make it exciting for them! Show them you are excited too!

Their daddy is awesome too. Right now as I type this I have the dining room window open and I hear the three of them out back playing HORSE with the basketball. They are learning to take turns and play but most of all they are learning that daddy loves them very very much!

I don't remember my parents playing outside with me like that. I am so glad that we spend time just being with our girls. I know that they will look back on their childhood and remember happy times.

Like this past weekend. We went to a benefit dinner which didn't work out well at all so we left very shortly after arriving. So we took the girls out to Beef OBrady's with one of the oldest's friends from church. To make it extra special we went to see The Jonas Brothers in concert at the movies....yes even daddy went! That is a lotta lovin when a grown man will sit through a Jonas Brothers Concert for his baby girls and listen to them say "OH I love Joe Jonas!" "Isn't he just dreamy dad?" Hee Hee

But after the concert movie we both got a big ole hug and a "that was the best movie ever! thanks mom and dad!" You're welcome're welcome!

Recently a person I know was arrested for DUI and had children in the car. I simply don't understand what is happening to mothers now a days! I honestly just can't fathom not wanting to spend time with your children, not wanting to be with them every moment you can. I have a cousin who spends zero time with her children...well except to use them as pawns to get money, etc. If you know me then you know that when I am not at work I have my babies beside me. Every once in a while I will go out on a date with the girls or with my husband but it is very rare. I enjoy just being with my family. I love them so very much.

Being a mom is awesome. It is the biggest high you will ever get. Mom's who are searching for something else in a bottle or a smoke or a needle....boy they are missing out. The best high is right there looking up at you with those big brown eyes and smiling with an I love you that lights up their entire face. You show them love and they will show you love right back. You show them happiness and they will show you happiness right back. Show them a smile and they will smile right back.

Mom's wake up! Love those husbands and love those babies.

It is the best thing in the world!

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