Saturday, March 7, 2009 is going to be a wonderful day here in KY! We are finally going to see some springtime!!! It is going to hit nearly 80 degrees today.

I have so many things going on today. I just finished eating a yummy breakfast with my family of eggs, bacon and pancakes. I will clean up this mess and then do a fast quick-clean of the house. The kind of clean that tricks people into thinking you have just finished cleaning your house.

After that I have to go into the rec room of the basement (which has not been put back together since the most recent flood- it was cleaned just not put back together) and get the photography studio set up and get the lighting just right because tomorrow I have a photo shoot here.

After I get all of that done I have to order volleyball pix for a photo shoot I did a few weeks ago and organize some paperwork.

Oh and somewhere up between those things I mentioned I have to go get my oldest who stayed with a friend last night. At least then I will get to go outside and enjoy a moment or two of the sunshine!

At 6 we have to go to a benefit dinner and auction which will take up most of our evening.

Ah so it may be a nice day outside but as usual, I will be too busy to enjoy it!

.....I think I will go open all the windows now!

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