Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day and lots of love for my family!

Ah Valentine's Day! A day just to show you love someone. How wonderful is that?!

Well yesterday hubby and I went up to Huber's Orchard and Winery, just the two of us!!! We did a wine tasting in the attic of the winery and then we were off to lunch at Huber's Family Farm Restaurant. We went back to the winery for a little while and spent a few bucks at the country farm market. It was a wonderful day spent together.

Last night hubby, the kids and I watched Evan Almighty and ate some yummy valentine goodies. Such a sweet day it was.

I love my family so much! They mean everything to me.

Here are a few pix that I have taken recently. Some of the ice and some of oldest daughter playing vollyball. Enjoy!

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