Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Ol' Full to the Brim Saturday!!!!

Today is going to be a CRAZY day!!!! We have SOOOO many things to do today that I honestly don't think I will get done. But I know that God doesn't give me more than I can do in one day. So as soon as I finish posting a note on here I am off to begin my Saturday morning chores.
First I have to clean the kitchen, straighten the entire house, sweep and mop all the floors and clean the bathroom. I have been doing laundry by hand for the last week because my washer blew up.....boy the washing isn't hard but trying to wring out the just wears me out. When I get a new washing machine I will probably marry it. I won't have time to do laundry today though.
I also have to straighten the pantry today.....when you pull something out it all falls around you. Something just has to be done there. However I am so blessed that my pantry is full. God is good!
Hubby has to go move furniture for my mamaw and papaw. They are moving into an assisted living home. It is really nice and we are so happy for them. They are excited and that is important. He only has a couple of hours that he will be available because he has to be back home at 12 to get ready for the ballgame.
Yep let's throw an AWAY volleyball game in there today. And not just a little away A LOT AWAY. About an hour drive there and back. I won't be able to attend the game with hubby and the girls.....because.....
Add in a wedding today. Yep at 2 I have to be at the church to help my friend Dottie get ready for her wedding at 4. Then after that is the reception and hopefully not too long into the reception hubby and the girls will show up.
The reception is going to be a good time but I won't be able to stay real long. There is still too much to do at home. So anyway hopefully you will have more of a restfull Saturday then I will.
Oh well....idle hands are the devil's workshop. No idle hands today!!!

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