Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Change may be coming!

Well I did it! I put in for the severance package at work. Now it doesn't mean I will get it but there is a good chance I will.
How are we going to make it? I don't know....but God does.
What am I going to do? Well first and foremost stay home with my girls. After this year of school I will homeschool them. We are also going to take those foster parenting classes we have felt called to take for awhile.
I want to open my home to medically fragile foster children.
Pray for us and these decisions come in our life. Pray that God's will be done.

Right now I just finished making about 60 peanut butter no bake cookies, two big batches of super moist brownies and one large batch of deluxe loaded brownies to take for a friend's daugher's wedding. Whew I am pooped. I have ran ever since getting off work. I picked up my jeep from the mechanic - yah new tires- then came home and started baking.

The diet is going well. I have lost 13lbs. I need to loose at least 10 more. I only have two more weeks to do it in. I don't think I will make goal. But at least I have lost some. It was really hard this time as my body just fought me every step of the way.

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