Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow SnowSnow

As I sit here this afternoon catching up with you on blogworld, I have a clear view out my large bay window of the snowflakes falling on our little piece of Kentucky Bluegrass. When the cold winter came, my barrier of leaves that separate me from the interstate left. So behind the beautiful snowflakes I see the cars, trucks and semis speeding down the interstate. My view out my front is not the greatest but I find it calming to me. It is almost mesmerizing to watch those vehicles go by...over and over again. I can just stare and not have to think. I enjoy it. Don't get me wrong I would rather be staring out my front window at my field full of cattle but so is my lot in life....the semis. Every once in a while someone will come off the exit ramp...we live RIGHT on the exit ramp....and blow their horn wishing me a happy hello. Since we got our new windows put in we really don't hear them unless we are at the far side of the house and even then it is difficult. But when I am outside I hear them loud and clear.
Anyway, back to the snow. It is falling so beautifully and slowly. Isn't God good? He blesses us with beauty through all the seasons....even winter. When all of the lovely colors of nature have closed up and fallen asleep and the world seems dead and cold....God will cheer us up by giving us a beautiful shower of white flakes to watch fall. Thank you Jesus for reminding me that there is beauty in everything.
It has been terribly cold here in KY this week. I mean not north Michigan cold but cold nonetheless. I don't like cold. For that matter I don't like hot either. You just give me my spring and fall and I am a happy camper. I like it to have a little nip in the air....maybe that you would wear a sweatshirt with your that is my kind of weather. The kind where you go camping and actually enjoy it outdoors during the day and then at night you have to lite a fire because it is just a little chilly. That is my kind of weather.
Speaking of camping we made our first reservations of the year! that is a sign that this cold will come to an end...eventually. We have two weekends coming up in May that will find us happy rolling along the interstate with our home on wheels hitched up behind us. We will head to the lake. There we will sit and eat and sit and eat and stroll then sit and eat. I don't expect it to the warm enough to get in the lake but in KY....well you just never know.
Today I feel a little gloomy. I have the old Jan blues. I enjoyed the weekend but Monday is coming sooner than I anticipated or wanted. Work, work, work. Is there ever an end? Yes, one day there will be. One day when my Father comes to take me home....then I will rest. Until then I will keep on working and remembering every step I take is one step closer to sweet rest in the arms of my Father. Ahhhh I await on baited breath.
These times we are living in now are tough, very tough. And my dears they are just going to get worse. I must say that our comfortable lives we are used to are coming to a screeching halt. But don't be afraid!!!! It all must happen to give birth to the coming of Christ. We should be happy,rejoicing. Knowing what the world does not....that He is coming and this all must happen before he does. So REJOICE oh child of Christ. Know that He is near!!! Don't loose sight of the goal. Press onward!!! Now is the time that you need to be focusing on winning people to Him. Time is near. Get yourself and your family back into church if you have fallen out....get yourself and your family back into family devotions, family prayer, and Biblical training. Do not be lukewarm!!! Either be hot or cold!!!! I pray that you are hot...are on fire for Christ. Time is short...repent now and live for Him. There will be a day....soon....when ever knee will bow....but blessed are those who CHOOSE to bow now!!!
Oh Lord I pray that you will help me through each day. Help me to be a good wife and a good mother but most of all help me to show your love in my life to all those who are hurting. "I was thirsty and you gave me drink, hungry and you fed me, naked and you clothed me"....I am not doing that me Lord for I know that if I do it to the least of these, I have done it to you.
May God bless you today. May He show you His beauty. We may be in the cold of winter but....spring....lovely spring is on the more ways than one.

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